Control of the fuel consumption

Logisat GPS system offers settlement of the actual fuel consumption by the engine, by monitoring information from the CAN bus. The advantage of the system is the ability to calibrate the consumption leveling vehicle’s computer errors.

Additionally, we offer the fuel level monitoring, along with refueling and losses, through information obtained directly from the CAN bus, the fuel probe or independent connection to the fuel level indicator in the car.

Normally, our customers receive information about work and fuel burning by WEBASTO. Additional connection to other peripheral devices, such as, aggregates or HDS, provides full and thorough analysis of consumption.

In order to protect the fuel tank, we also monitor the opening / closing the fuel filler by equipping the vehicle in stoppers which signals the time, the opening place and the sound signal in the cockpit.


The optimal solution is chosen for the type of vehicle and the customer needs.

Settlement of the fuel consumption

Very important aspect in calculating the profitability of transport is the possibility of settling the fuel consumption after each vehicle’s route. To meet this need, we created intuitive reports which allow you to precisely calculate the fuel consumption from the moment the vehicle leaves the base until its return. Suming up in a one place fuel consumption by the engine, webasto and eventually aggregate, allow to effective settlement of the route and elimination of misuse.




Fuel is a significant cost for transport companies. Our system allows a significant reduction of its’ consumption. It gives you control of fueling and eliminates theft. The savings which are the effect of using the Logisat GPS system vary from 10% to 15 %. For 20 vehicles it gives you 50 000 for a month.


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Effective fight against fuel theft

In our solutions we use professional ultrasonic fuel probes. Each probe is set to a particular tank and then carefully calibrated. A special algorithm in our system allows you to capture leakage of 5-10 liters while eliminating fuel variation during driving.

Every leakage can create the alarm which is text message or e-mail.

To make the system fully sealed we offer installation of security seals and fuel filler caps.



Integration with the fleet systems

Thanks to the integration of fleet systems we are able to compare the data obtained from the fleet cards with fueling registered by our system. It allows you to verify the information about fueling which is reflected in the optimisation of fuel costs in the company.


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