Driver’s time control

Logisat GPS allows you to upload the information from the vehicle’s tachograph directly on the client’s computer.

Direct connection to the tachograph

Most companies get the information about the tachograph’s status via the CAN bus. Unfortunately when the ignition is switched off the CAN bus is hung and received data is not true, especially when it comes to relaxation, flexibility or work besides the ride. For more detailed information about drivers’ working time, we offer additional D8 input connection, directly in the tachograph.
As a result, the application displays all the necessary data for the drivers’ working plan, analyse the routes and the possibility of timely arrival.


The report of hours worked abroad

The system enables precise analysis of driving, resting, availability and non-driving work broken down by day and by country. Thanks to this solution, we can settle the delegation as well as show drivers’ working time to our foreign partners.




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DDD on-line files

Logisat GPS also designed the ability to read DDD files remotely. As well as from the driver’s card and from the tachograph’s storage without the need of vehicles’ appearance on the base or passing the information by the driver during his drive. Thanks to the businesses card, which is connected to your computer, we may download all the necessary data from the entire fleet. It gives the guarantee that all the files will be downloaded on time, thereby eliminating the pauses needed for the manual loading.
To improve the process of remotely reading DDD files from the vehicles’ cards and tachograph’s storage we introduced the option to automatically download such data. In the aplication we set by how many days from the last reading the data should be downloaded and after this period indicated vehicles will be seen as ready to remote reading. The vehicles from which the files were downloaded dissappear from the list. The filter shows only these which should be downloaded next time.




Settlement of driver’s working time

Logisat GPS allows the settlement of drivers’ working time for the periods required by the regulations. It allows you to verify whether the driver obey the permissible limits. It also allows you to plan his further work. Thanks to this solution we can optymise the vehicles’ usage.




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