Events’ control

Logisat GPS system simplify and automate the control of key parameters of the vehicle and mounted on it the peripheral devices. Reports of our application enable control of events both for a single vehicle or fleet (Events’ control-vehicle, Events’ control-fleet, Exploitation).

Thanks to the reports we can chronologically monitor following parametres:

  • driving with the magnet
  • fueling (time, place and costs)
  • deficits (time, place and costs)
  • inputs – to which we connect all the peripheral devices – HDS, kiper, plough and aggregate’s work and the others (work time, occurence time, place)
  • exceed speed limit (time and place)

Additionally, the application allows you to control events that occurred outside the defined, by the user, areas. The Working report out of the zone, demonstrates the usage of all peripheral devices. In particular, however, use of the trunk in a tipper, plough, excavator buckets, hook or HDS in places that are unauthorized and their usage is not permitted there.




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