Routes control

Validation and analysis of the routes traveled is the basis for control and work optimization in companies with fleet vehicles.

Routes’ history

Our application report Routes History enables a graphical presentation of the route traveled relocated on the Google maps. We show direction, detention (up to 2 seconds), stops and events (eg. WEBASTA on / off , and others). The report is very clear and allows for detailed analysis of vehicle routes through the reading frame by assigning each position – besides the time, there are also information about speed, amount of fuel, total mileage and others.
During doing a report from a wider range of dates, application organizes and allows you to show them from a particular day, and that day from turning the ignition on and off. At any time we can go back to the route of the total of the defined period. It is a very convenient tool, which simplifies and quicken the work with the program.




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Validation of the routes traveled

LogiSAT application provides customers the report that allows automatic validation of the routes traveled made on the basis of user-created areas. If we write between A and B areas the “master” route, then every time the vehicles will be between these areas, all kinds of alterations from the defined route, will be shown.

The uniqueness of this report is the fact that the report itself will associate / connect a number of areas with defined routes. For example, the vehicle moves between areas B, C, D and A between these areas we have the defined reference route. The system automatically, irregardless from CD, DA or AB routes’ configuration will show any alterations.




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