Vehicles localisation

Vehicles are localized using a network of satellites operating in GPS system. Information about the position are relayed to database thanks to GPRS system. These data is visualized at the customer online through the website. To visualisation, we use very accurate and clear Google maps.


In the „Tracing” tab we have a preview for the whole fleet. We can determine the vehicles location, their status, speed, and driver’s working time whcih allows us to plan further car’s work.




The history of the routes

Logisat GPS system gives you an opportunity to have a look into travelled routes during last 2 years. It allows the exact verification of the vehicle usage.




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Google maps

We use the best on the commercial market,Google maps. Both standard, satellite and hybrid version and also Street View. We implemented the quick routing function of any point or vehicle to the loading place. The loading place can be determined both by the adress and postal code. It makes much easier work with transport exchange, such as TimoCom or




Exact positioning

Our devices are able to position the car with an accuracy of one meter, showing on-line its direction of travel, speed, and all operating data. Thanks to the intelligent refresh function vehicles are localized at a specific number of seconds as well as when turning or driving on the roundabout. It allows you to determine the exact route of the car and it’s precise analysis.




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